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Name for Certificate of Completion:

1) The annual occupational dose limit (total effective dose equivalent) for an adult radiation worker is:

2) The best tools for reducing radiation exposure are:

3) You have the right to request your annual dose report:

4) What is the dose limit to the fetus of a declared pregnant radiation worker?

5) The purpose of the ALARA concept is to maintain doses 'as low as reasonably achievable':

6) As a radiation worker, you have the responsibility to report any unsafe practices or conditions related to radiation safety.

7) Dosimeters should be:

8) Radiation protection is based on the LNT model. LNT stands for:

9) When ionizing radiation interacts with biological matter, the primary target that, if damaged, can result in detrimental health effects is:

10) Which of the following is a characteristic of radiation?

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